Société Fadoul Technibois

Founded in 1981, Société Fadoul Technibois (SFT) is a major player in the construction sector (Buildings & Civil Engineering) in Burkina Faso.

Thanks to the constant effort of its entire team, the company has been able to diversify over the years and has acquired know-how and solid experience in the management of its construction projects.

The 1990s were marked by major construction projects, such as the rehabilitation of the Presidential Palace, the SONAR headquarters, the gear factory in Diébougou for SOFITEX and by major hydraulic works such as the construction of the Niofila and Tourni dams, the drinking water supply of Bobo – Dioulasso as well as numerous civil engineering works such as the Bolmakoté water tower. The 1990s also saw the first contracts executed outside Burkina Faso, such as CRAAE in Abidjan.

In the 2000s, SFT demonstrated its expertise by building major projects in the hydraulic sector, such as the drinking water supply of Ouagadougou and Fada N’gourma, and in the construction sector, such as the ENEP in Gaoua, the new Presidency, and the Palais des sports in Ouagadougou.

The 2nd millennium was also the beginning of the company’s development in the road sector with the maintenance of dirt roads, the completion of asphalting work on the Ouaga-Léo, Ouaga-Kongoussi road and other road works. The company also demonstrated its ability to carry out the most complex works such as the West Ouagadougou Gate Interchange and the three Kara bridges in Togo. During these years, SFT continued to export its know-how by executing contracts such as the 2002 CAN works (asphalt roads and gutters in Bamako), the development of roads in San Pedro (Ivory Coast),…etc.

SFT’s achievements can be counted by the hundreds today and have consolidated SFT’s reputation as a company capable of meeting challenges requiring extensive technical expertise and a high level of competency.

Our most valuable assets are our human resources resources, which are able to adapt to the company’s various areas of activity, as well as our equipment, which is constantly being renewed.

SFT is attentive