Société Générale de Travaux et de constructions électriques

Drawing on fifty years’ experience, Société Générale de Travaux et de constructions électriques (Sogetel) is a leader in its sector and operates with professionalism in the following sectors:

  • Transmission and distribution of medium and low voltage electricity
  • Building electricity
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Generators
  • Fire safety
  • Video surveillance
  • Sanitary plumbing

The company has a proven track record in the transmission and distribution of medium and low voltage electricity.

Sogetel supplies, installs and maintains MV/LV Transformer Stations, energy production units (generators), air conditioners and refrigerated rooms.

Our technicians are experts in the deployment of electrical public lighting and computer networks.

Internationally, Sogetel was a partner of Gec Alstom, one of the world leaders in power generation infrastructure.

At the national level, Sogetel is a partner of Sonabel (Société Nationale Burkinabè d’Electricité) and FDE (Fond de Développement d’Électrification).

« Knowledge, know-how and communication guarantee our customers the best results in the execution of the tasks entrusted to us. » Julien Allegre, Director.


  • Electricity (high and low current)

  • Air conditioning

  • Generator set

  • Fire safety

  • Video surveillance

  • Sanitary plumbing

In addition to these services, SOGETEL offers: Audit, verification of compliance with electrical standards. It also provides its expertise (advice) to its clients and partners.

After-sales service

  • Power grid (line)

  • Power grid (building)

  • Transformer station

  • Delivery station

  • Air conditioning

  • Generator set

  • Fire safety

  • Sanitary plumbing

Why should you choose us?

  • professionals trained in the latest technologies
  • quality facilities
  • quality after-sales service
  • partnerships at national and international level

Electricity and lighting

As a major player in electricity infrastructure, SOGETEL is building major electricity transmission networks. The company supplies high-voltage lines, also known as HV lines. These lines carry electricity from the power plant to the consumer households. They are generally above ground but can also be buried. SOGETEL builds this type of infrastructure from conductive cables surmounted on steel pylons.

The lines supplied by SOGETEL are able to withstand several hundred thousand volts.

SOGETEL also implements low voltage lines or BTA lines up to 1500 volts in direct voltage.

The importance of ground cables

The ground cables installed by SOGETEL make it possible to avoid potential overvoltage in the event of a lightning strike. They act as a lightning rod but can also accommodate a fiber optic cable to allow the operator to communicate.

In the field of ground, HTA and BTA cables, SOGETEL works with its partner NEXANS, the world leader in the cable industry.

MV/LV transmission and distribution up to 33 KV

  • Transformer substations
  • Delivery stations
  • Overhead power grid

SOGETEL supplies local transformer equipment on request. These include::

  • A stool or an insulating mat.
  • A rescue pole.
  • A voltage detector.
  • A pair of insulating gloves.
  • A glove box.
  • A fuse holder.
  • High current
  • Telephone network
  • Computer network
  • Corrugated current

SOGETEL also contributes to improving urban living conditions by installing public lighting. These include electric streetlights. SOGETEL studies your request and proposes solutions that take into account the specificities of the road, the layout of the lighting elements, the particular development areas, etc.

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